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We Love My Sugar Pie

Posted by CR on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Anchorware Everywhere

*Image Courtesy of
My Sugar Pie

We've been very busy around here at Anchor Hocking, but finally found time to write about our new favorite bakery! We just adore My Sugar Pie, a sweet delight that hails from Zionsville, Indiana.

"The ‘My Sugar Pie’ pie list includes more than 40 different pies--all handmade, with a light, crispy crust that is from owner Kelly Maucere’s mother’s original recipe."  

*Image Courtesy of My Sugar Pie  

What do we love most about My Sugar Pie? They are green fanatics! They sell their pies in Anchor Hocking glass pie dishes, and give you $1.00 off if you return it to their bakery when you get your next pie. Excellent idea My Sugar Pie!   "Anchor Hocking has been selling high quality glass pie plates for over 100 years. We use only these plates because they are recyclable, produce a high-quality crust, and overall healthy, better-tasting pie. You can recycle this glass plate by returning it to My Sugar Pie for $1.00 off your next pie order!"  

*Image Courtesy of My Sugar Pie

  When in Zionsville, or anywhere near there, make the voyage to My Sugar Pie, enjoy their heirloom pies and the oh so chic store. While you're their you can pick up an adorable shirt with their logo on it or even some Anchorware for your kitchen! They carry a variety of goodies from Anchor Hocking, including our TrueSeal line as well as our batter bowls and measuring cups.  

*Image Courtesy of My Sugar Pie  

Planning a party and not so confident in your pie making skills? Order one and they'll ship it to you! Pies are shipped Monday and Tuesday. So be sure to place your pie order one week before the day of shipment.   We hope you enjoy getting to know My Sugar Pie as much as we have, they are a true gem.  

Visit them:  

On Foot
My Sugar Pie
40 East Pine Street
Zionsville, IN 46077  



Anchor Hocking Webteam  

Stay in touch:        


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Superb. Hubbard Grille.

Posted by CR on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011


Image Courtesy of Hubbard Grille

Image Via Radculture (also see Radculture's review of Hubbard Grille)


Pull up a seat at Hubbard Grille at one of their tap tables and pour to your heart and wallet's content!

We love beer, but boy do we love our wine! We especially enjoy wine when it is in Anchor Signature Stemware!

Thank you Hubbard Grille for serving your lovely selection in our stems.

Glassware Images Courtesy of CR

Image Courtesy of Hubbard Grille

The brilliant minds in the Hubbard Grille kitchen not only have a killer menu, but a jaw dropping, mouthwatering special menu. The flavors are always decadent and inspired.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 4 pm - close

793 N. High Street
Columbus OH, 43215

Don't want a huge meal? Be sure to enjoy the items on their appetizer menu and pair them with one of their many lovely wines available by bottle and glass.

Next time you're looking for a way to impress the friends and family take them to Hubbard Grille, you won't be disapointed. They have bar seating, high tops, tables, tap table, and upstairs dining area as well as outdoor seating. They are surrounded by great art galleries and shopping.

Be sure to make them your new favorite happy hour spot as well!

We're sure you're also wondering where you can pick up your very own Anchor Signature Stemware too! Well here you go -



Have you spotted the Anchor on the bottom of your glass? Tell us where! Snap a photo!
Find us on facebook
Send us sweet tweets @anchorhocking

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Pumpkin Solar Light

Posted by CR on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

We're always finding creative uses of our ware on Facebook, blogs and Etsy. This time we've stumbled upon the lovely works created by Treasure Again.

Well the time changed, and now its dark out before you're ready to leave the outdoors! We've found the perfect fall outdoor accessory to light the night for you.

*Images Courtesy of TREASURE AGAIN

A big huge thank you goes out to Treasure Again, for taking the time to chat with us and continuing to find inspiring ways to use our ware.

Wondering how you can use the Pumpkin Jar around your house? Take some tips from the artist of Treasure Again herself, "We have used them for Halloween decorations in the past years, simply by putting items in the Pumpkin Jar, and setting them out for display. Also, for our Halloween parties, we have served jello, or many other foods in it, on the party table. I think I even used the glass pumpkin in a Halloween party spooky display, making it look like there were body part or eyeballs floating in the jar. I have also just added a short string of lights in the jar, to add glow to a display."

A whole line up of these little pumpkins on a buffet table full of fall delights would surely impress at Thanksgiving.

To get yourself a a plain Pumpkin Jar or six, be sure to check out our online store!

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Sweet & Sudsy

Posted by CR on Friday, September 17th, 2010

We received word that milk and cookeez uses our jars to make and sell their beautiful products! We were so pleased that we thought we'd share some pictures of the jars in action!

milk and cookeez sells adorable bath and body treats that are hand made and resemble delightful treats.

They use only Essential oils, natural oils, and Phthalate free cosmetic fragrances.   They also do their best to be green, using recycled packaging and non-disposable products for manufacturing.

They just recently celebrated their 2nd birthday! Congrats to such a sweet company!

Tammy "The Head Cookee" told me all about how she uses Anchorware!

"I use The Heritage Jars to hold my Bath and Body Products.
  I also use them in my retail store display to hold my Soapopz.
 I also love how when a customer removes the jar lid, the fragrance of the soap envelops them (It’s a great marketing tool).
" - Tammy

I use them in my workspace (Heritage and the Apothecary jars) to hold my ingredients and supplies. - Tammy

Get in touch with milk and cookeez



Inspired by milk and cookeez look? Get the tools of the trade with Anchor.



Contact Anchor Hocking's Webteam with your clever uses!    

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Clever Gifts of Cotton

Posted by CR on Friday, July 30th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

Through Twitter we've met a wonderful company, called 1 cup Cotton. They make beautiful gifts made of towels and or baby clothes for various gift giving occasions. No, we don't make towels or sell them, but we do make the mugs that they put their creations in. 1 cup Cotton uses Anchor's Beer Mug to create gifts of beer made up of two colors of wash cloths.

They have all sorts of goodies, from cakes and bouquets to baby gifts. So the next time you need a creative present for a shower or housewarming, make sure and check out our new friends at 1cup Cotton.

*Images Courtesy of 1cup Cotton

Want a 1 cup Cotton creation for yourself?
Here's how you find them:
Shop on Zibbit
Shop on Etsy

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A Touch of Earth

Posted by CR on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

A Touch of Earth is a place of calm amidst the bustling North Market. A place where you can pull up a stool, set down your bags and flowers and have a cup of coffee or two. It is neighbor to Pastaria Seconda and Market Blooms. Not only do they sell coffee but teas and candies as well.

Why do we love A Touch of Earth so much? Well everything we had there was delicious, but they also keep all sorts of goodies in our Glass Stackables!  Perfect for them because you can see the contents and they have BPA free seals.

*Photos Courtesy of CR

Enjoy these photos from their quaint shop, and be sure to stop by!

Visit them:
On Foot
59 Spruce St
Columbus, OH 43215

Via Phone
(614) 224-7624

What others say on Yelp

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Anchor Love's Amy Atlas

Posted by CR on Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere


*Image Courtesy Amy Atlas

Recently Amy Atlas set up a beautiful display of treats and fanciful decorations at an event for Electrolux with Kelly Ripa! This is just one of the many lovely images on her blog, where she's written all about the details it takes to put on such an event.

What makes us like her events so very much? She uses Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Jars! See those beauties? Imagine the dessert tables one could create with a bunch of those!

Check out Anchor Hocking's full line up of storage jars for your next party and take some inspiration from Amy!

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Scooped Up in Artistry

Posted by CR on Friday, June 4th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

*Image Courtesy of CR

While out and about in the Short North area of Downtown Columbus I stumbled upon some wonderful creations in Collier West. As usual Suzi West has presented an extraodinary display of collections and art objects to dazzle the eye.

*Image Courtesy of CR

This time I saw something that was most definitely Anchor Blog material. A female metal artist, Jan Barboglio, has a captivating assortment of creations. One of which is a casserole holder which comes with a piece of Anchorware. Barboglio's holder can be snagged for a mere $148.00, but is well worth it for the metal art enthusiast.

*Images Courtesy of CR

Make sure and check out all of the pieces that Collier West has to offer this weekend at the June gallery hop, or online at


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Quench Your Thirst

Posted by CR on Friday, May 28th, 2010

I can't believe I've forgotten to share this for so long! It's been almost a month now since I stopped by one of my favorite places at The North Market, in downtown Columbus. I stopped by Bubbles Tea & Juice Company for the first time in quite a while and was pleasantly surprised to find that they have boat loads of Anchorware on display!

*Image Courtesy of CR

I was really at The North Market to pick up fresh flowers, but Bubbles Tea & Juice Company's tasty samples lured me in. In case you're wondering I wound up buying a delicious mango smoothie concoction.

The thing I love most about this place is the way they seal your cup. They use a special sealing process and provide a straw with a pointed end. You stab the plastic lid and you're on your way. This is perfect for The North Market shopper who is in a hurry or has their hands full.

*Image Courtesy of CR

Bubble Tea & Juice stores their ingredients in our Stackable Storage Jars with metal lids. They put a little placard on the front of each for contents description. They keep their look consistant and organized and have a fantastic BPA free sealing lid!

So if you're ever in Columbus, Ohio, make sure Bubbles Tea & Juice is one of your stops while exploring the downtown scene!

*Image Courtesy of CR

Want more Bubbles?

On Foot:
The North Market
59 Spruce Street
Columbus, OH 43215

By Ear:

Via Facebook

The Web

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The Candy Store

Posted by NH on Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

As you may know from the blog my favorite item is Anchor’s Heritage Hill jar, but that has recently changed. After coming across the candy store in San Francisco, my new favorite Anchorware piece is now the Heritage Hill jar filled with candy!

The candy store is San Francisco's premier candy boutique and they have put on quite the display. The candy store has a full wall of Heritage Hill jars filled with delicious treats! In addition to the Heritage jars, they have shelves full of Anchor’s Penny Candy Jars filled to the top with goodies! Not only do they offer a huge selection of jars filled with candy to pick from, but they are also home to a stock pile of the finest chocolates from around the world.

Even though the candy store is located in Russian Hill area of San Francisco, they offer a range of gift boxes for on-line ordering that can be shipped out to curb that sweet tooth craving or as a gift. The candy store also features a blog discussing their, news, events and delicious thoughts.

*All Images Courtesy of the candy store

Check them out:
Via Facebook
Via Website
On foot @ 1507 Vallejo Street San Francisco, CA, 94109

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Dust off the Heirlooms

Posted by CR on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

Anchor Hocking has been making glass since 1905, so you can imagine there are quite a few wonderful items out there that have become adored by antique collectors. One talented artist saw the need to help people show off their collections in a unique way, where they wouldn't be packed up into boxes in the attic or in a drawer hidden away. We found Lin Glore on Etsy at  Artful Folk.


*Images Courtesy of Artful Folk

I contacted Lin in awe of the excellent handiwork. She explained how her work began, "We all have family stories that have been forgotten.  Grandmom's dishes have been packed away so they don't become damaged, but they aren't appreciated, either in a box in the attic.  We don't use the special cuts in the glass, the textures, the rich colors too much anymore.  We don't have the precision and fine craftsmanship of well-done stained glass in the Tiffany style anymore, either.  These magnificent plates cry out to be admired.  To marry these two pieces of our past has become my passion.  To bring a bit of our heritage, our traditions to a new generation is rewarding and heartwarming."

*Image Courtesy of Arful Folk

Lin has some wonderful stories of her customer's commissioned works, "I met a woman at a show who was charged with the task of "door prizes" for her family reunion.  She had her grandmother's set of depression glass that her mother had packed away for safekeeping."

Lin created eight custom panels from the heirloom pieces. The family was moved to tears and spent the rest of the get together telling stories of days gone by.

*Image Courtesy of Arftul Folk

Do you have antique glassware that you want turned into something new?
Contact Lin:
via Etsy

Don't have antique plates, but perhaps some other sort of antique glassware? No worries, Lin has a use for everything. This Ruby Red Tea Cup is given new life as a windchime.

Thank you Lin for sharing your wonderful talents with us! Best wishes!

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Greenhouse in the City

Posted by CR on Friday, April 30th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

What a wonderful day to shop for flowers and other gardening goodies! The perfect place to find great plants in Columbus, is Baker's Acres Concrete Jungle. The Concrete Jungle is located in the Short North area of downtown Columbus. What a concept - amidst all the cement and metal and brick emerges a beautiful and friendly greenhouse!

"AK" told me I ought to stop by and check out what they were doing with Anchorware. So I popped in and found a variety of our storage jars being used as terrariums! They sell them empty next to literature, rocks, moss and delightful succulents. They use our Cookie Jar, Heritage Hill Jars, Bamboo Hourglass Jar and Glass Stackables.


*Images Courtesy of CR

I was quite pleased to see our wares, but even happier to see the creativity of the warm and inviting people who work there! 

Make sure to check out the blog on Monday - I'll have an article about glass terrariums as a wedding trend!

*Image Courtesy of CR

Visit the Concrete Jungle:

In person - 940 North High Street Columbus, OH 43201

Online -


Best wishes to my new friends at Baker's Acres Concrete Jungle.

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A Fabulous Little Crumb

Posted by CR on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

"We love the classic yet modern style of the Heritage Hill Jars, and they're sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of candy shop life!” says Tess Wilson of Miette.

*Image Courtesy of Miette

I was thrilled when I found Miette. Not only are they talented and charming, but they love Anchorware! Miette is located in San Francisco, California. They create wonderful baked goods made of the freshest organic ingredients. They offer a seasonal selection of cakes and cupcakes, tarts, cookies, confections, cake stands, and other vintage dessert ware.  In case you were wondering, Miette is French for 'little crumb."

*Images Courtesy of Miette

They shared with me, “You wouldn't believe the number of people who walk in everyday and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish I had a wall like that in my house!’.”

Well if you’re one of those people you can have the same lovely look. Our Heritage Hill Jars are perfect for shops like Miette, but also perfect to jazz up your home pantry. Weather it be your kitchen, workshop, bathroom or hall closet, there are tons of uses for this jar. The best part is that it matches everything, because it is all glass! 

Find Heritage Hill at one of our select retailers.

Visit Miette in person:

Ferry Building
Ferry Building Marketplace
Shop 10
San Francisco, CA 94111 (map)
Sunday-Friday 10-6
Saturday 8-6

Hayes Valley
449 Octavia Street
San Francisco, CA 94102 (map)
Monday-Sunday 11-7

Visit Miette on the web at


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Bakery of a Different Kind

Posted by CR on Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

One of the great things about the downtown area of Columbus, Ohio, is the diversity in establishments. A common stop of mine is the local Three Dog Bakery.

I love taking my black lab for walks in the Short North area and making a stop at this bakery. Upon going to the store, without her in tow, I took the time to realize that they actually use Anchor Heritage Hill Jars to store treats on the counter!

*Image Courtesy of CR

In this friendly shop you can purchase fantastic treats and toys for your pup or cat. For dogs you can purchase small treats by the pound and carefully crafted canine delicacies that look good enough for humans to eat. Take your dog with you if you please, they appreciate the visitors.

*Images Courtesy of CR

Our Heritage Hill Jars are great for this bakery because they are heavy and will not knock over. They also have a lid to keep treats fresh. Without a seal these jars make it easy to get what you want even with a dog leash in one hand.

*Images Courtesy of CR

Thank you Three Dog Bakery Columbus!

Check out Three Dog online at

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Lovely Loot

Posted by CR on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

Oh Columbus, you make us proud! Your shop owners are so supportive of local business. Again we’ve found our wares in the fanciful shops downtown. This time Loot is the culprit.

*Image Courtesy of CR

Loot is a charming shop in the Short North. Their windows and wares are always intriguing. They supply the public with a mixture of Victorian era housewares, travel inspired garments, paper and accessories, artistically chosen books, prints and lighting.

Upon entering this lovely store the senses are awakened not only by the visual details but the scent of ‘aroma beads’. A variety of sizes of our Heritage Hill Jars hold these scented gems. For $3.75, customers can take home a scoop full of romantic fragrance.

*Images Courtesy of CR

We think this jar is the perfect choice for such a display. The lid keeps dust out and not having a seal makes it easy for shoppers to make their selection. What’s even better is that they’ve utilized the many sizes the jar comes in! They can use smaller jars for fragrances they sell less of, or are low in stock on and vise versa.

*Image Courtesy of CR

Thank you Loot! All the best to you.
Check out Loot’s website –

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Whimsical Goods in Anchorware

Posted by CR on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

bink davies just recently opened in the Short North, downtown Columbus.

Upon entering their store you’ll notice they’re not the average shop. They have a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you need “emergency chocolate” or a fancy hostess gift, bink davies is sure to please.

 *Image Courtesy of CR

I stopped in during the last Gallery Hop and met the owners. I expressed my extreme happiness with the store’s merchandise selection, and most certainly the way they display it. You see, bink davies uses tons of Heritage Hill Jars and Penny Candy Jars from Anchor Hocking to show off their delightful goodies.


*Images Courtesy of CR

The owners were so sweet, telling me all about their product, and allowing me to take pictures for the blog! They made sure to let me know they have a Facebook page, which you should visit as well.

*Image Courtesy of CR

Next time you’re in downtown Columbus be sure to check out this wonderful new addition to the Short North scene.


Get in touch with bink davies

668 N. High Street
Columbus, OH  43215

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Personalize with Party Perfect!

Posted by CR on Monday, April 19th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

We are so glad we found Party Perfect!

*Image Courtesy of Party Perfect

This wonderful team from Orlando creates personalized and extraordinary party themes for their clients. It also adds interest for us that they use Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Jars, Trifle Bowls and Penny Candy Jars. They dress up the jars by adorning them with ribbons and custom cards

They specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvah party planning and they have all sorts of fantastic ideas and imagery on their website to get your creativity rolling. Check out their website, even if you’re not planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, their images are sure to inspire.

*Images Courtesy of Party Perfect

I had the opportunity to ask Debbie from Party Perfect a few questions.

Anchor: What is your favorite part of party planning?
Party Perfect: Our favorite part of party planning is watching the vision come to life. Usually we spend close to a year planning an event with a client and seeing how everything comes together from conception to the final execution is really astounding and incredibly gratifying.

Anchor: How long have you been doing this?
Party Perfect: My partner Laura and I have officially been in business a little over two years, but before Party Perfect came to life, we were planning our own events and helping friends with parties and Mitzvahs.

Anchor: Can you give a quick tip adding a touch of class to a party?
Party Perfect: I think the best way to add a touch of class to a party is to personalize it. Do something that has some relevance to the guest of honor: make a candy bar with favorite candies and personalized signage or create a logo to use throughout the party (on napkins, give-away bags, dj screens, etc) to help "brand" the event.

*Image Courtesy of Party Perfect

We also adore their blog, "Mitzvahlicious."

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Giada's Brew

Posted by AK on Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

I was at Target admiring Giada De Lauentiis' new product line, when I noticed the Giada ground coffee packaging. On the side of the package is a delicious cup of specialty coffee in an Anchor Hocking Cafe Mug.

*Images Courtesy of AK

Tell us what you think of her new product line and send in your own photos of your coffee in an American Made Cafe Mug.


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Milk & Cookie Party

Posted by CR on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

Need a new idea for a party? How about the old classic, milk and cookies? Martha Stewart suggests presenting varieties of cookies in large jars for your guests. Create some pretty labels and adorn with ribbon and you're set!

Using Anchorware helps you easily create a statement at your party. Check out our list of retailers to find Anchorware near you!

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Tabletop Terrariums

Posted by CR on Monday, April 12th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

We've found our jars being used as terrariums! Will Kalif shows his readers how to create their own miniature landscapes. He has a special section where he focuses on using apothecary jars for smaller tabletop versions.

This is a pretty clever, affordable and space conscious idea.

We have a vast selection when it comes to storage jars. Whatever size space you have we certainly have the jar for you! Using our stackable jars would be a great way to grow several varieties and create a tower of terrariums.

You can easily transform any of our jars into your own terrarium creation using Will's helpful tips!

*Images Courtesy of Will Kalif

Thank you Will for all of your wonderful ideas and helpful advice!

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Start the Party with Anchor

Posted by CR on Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

Yet another fantastic find! We found out that Party Starters often uses Anchor jars and cake plates. Jen and Pam are the creative ladies behind detailed displays that you can order online to make your party planning easier by leaps and bounds.

One of the best parts about working on this blog is meeting all of the inspired people (through a computer screen) that put our wares to use. When I sent a message to Pam telling her we love how they are using our ware in creative ways, she sent me a kind note back. "I would love to share my creations with your readers. Your products are a great creative base and I absolutely love using them."


Throwing a baby shower? Party Starters has this adorable package for purchase on their Etsy shop.

Jazz it up like they did by using Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Jars to accent. Need stemware to hold candies and candles too? We've got you covered. Anchor also sells a wide variety of cake plates to retailers near you.

They have tons of ideas for any type of party you're looking to plan. Think we're kidding? They even have the Twilight fans covered! Jen and Pam have a tips and tricks section on their website too, so you can make your event look just like their pictures.

*All Images Courtesy of Party Starters.


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  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

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  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

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