Caring for Your Anchor Hocking Products

How to Prevent Drinkware Breakage

1.      Do not stack drinkware.

2.      Do not put drinkware in the microwave.

3.      Avoid picking up drinkware in bouquets.

4.      Never put silverware into drinkware.

5.      Avoid severe temperature changes.

6.      Avoid impact.

Glass Etching

Etching of glassware is a permanent film that cannot be removed; caused by the following:

1.      Soft water, especially water that is produced by an installed water softening system.

2.      High water temperature.

3.      Too much dishwashing detergent.

The damage is permanent. There is no way to remove etching. If a dishwasher is used, the following steps can help to prevent reoccurrence:

1.      Check for rainbow hue on glasses because that is the first sign of etching.

2.      Reduce amount of dishwashing detergent; but, never use less than one tablespoon.

3.      Put fewer dishes in the dishwasher to allow thorough rinsing.

4.      Keep water temperature no higher than 140 degrees.

How to Care for Your Bakeware

·       OVEN AND MICROWAVE USE. Use Anchor Hocking glass in pre-heated gas and electric conventional or convection ovens up to 425˚F or microwave ovens without browning element. Not for use on or under a flame or other direct heat source, including on a stovetop, under a broiler, in a toaster oven or on a grill. Prior to cooking foods that may release liquid, add liquid to the dish making sure it covers the bottom of the dish.  

·       AVOID MICROWAVE MISUSE. Do not heat empty or nearly empty glassware in microwave.  Do not overheat oil, butter or other fats in microwave as they quickly reach the desired temperature.  Heat only for the recommended time for your microwave (refer to your microwave owner’s manual.)  This product is not intended for camping, industrial or commercial use.  

·       USE FOR STORING FOOD. Use your Anchor Hocking glass for storing food in refrigerator or freezer, but do not take directly from freezer to oven or microwave. Thaw food before cooking or reheating.

·       CLEAN WITH PLASTIC OR NYLON NON-SCRATCH PADS OR CLEANSERS. Wash your Anchor Hocking glass in detergent and water. For stubborn, baked-on food, soak glass then use non-scratch cleansers and scrub pads intended for glass ovenware. Dishwasher safe.

·       AVOID SUDDEN OR SEVERE TEMPERATURE CHANGES. Do not add liquid to a hot dish. Handle hot dishes with a dry cloth or potholder. Never place hot glass on wet or cold surfaces.

·       AVOID IMPACT WITH HARD OBJECTS. Sharp knives or utensils may scratch and weaken glass. Do not use if chipped, cracked, or noticeably scratched.


How to Care for Your Pitcher

1.      Cold beverage use only. Do not use for hot beverages.

2.      Avoid sudden temperature changes. Do not pour boiling liquid into pitcher nor rinse it with hot water immediately after it has been used for cold beverages. Do not fill the pitcher with ice and then pour hot liquid over the ice.

3.      Avoid impact with hard objects. Use plastic or wooden utensil when stirring liquid in the pitcher. Handle the pitcher with care and avoid striking it against other objects or surfaces. Do not use if chipped, cracked, or scratched.

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