Named for the nearby Hocking River, the Hocking Glass Company was founded in 1905, getting its start with $25,000 raised by founder Isaac J. Collins. The company started in an old carbon plant, called the “Black Cat” -- so named because its walls were blackened with carbon dust.

Fire destroyed the “Black Cat” in March of 1924, throwing some 650 employees out of work. The employees, townspeople, and firemen all worked together to battle the fire, but by morning all that remained was five acres of ash and rubble. The fire destroyed the plant, but not the spirit of Hocking Glass and its employees.  By the end of the following day, the Company had set up temporary offices in a vacant grocery store.

Hocking Glass purchased controlling interest in the Lancaster Glass Company in April 1924 and used its facilities to meet shipping requirements. While a new plant was being rebuilt over the ashes of the “Black Cat,” Hocking was producing and shipping from Lancaster Glass. The new plant was in production by October, 1924, just six months after the fire.

The company became the Anchor Hocking Corporation on December 21, 1937, when Hocking Glass Company and subsidiaries merged with Anchor Cap Corporation and its subsidiaries. The “Anchor” in the name came from the phrase that caps were “anchored for safety.”

The Depression Era saw another revolution in machine-made glassware. In order to continue success, Anchor Hocking turned to innovation as Wilbur Secoy and William Fisher designed and built a machine that would revolutionize the way Anchor Hocking glass was manufactured. This machine, called the FS for Fisher and Secoy, drastically cut the production cost of a tumbler, allowing Anchor Hocking to succeed through the Depression. 

After more than 110 years, Anchor Hocking still proudly manufactures a majority of its glass in its founding location in Lancaster, Ohio, with another manufacturing facility in Monaca, PA. Its corporate headquarters are in Columbus, OH as part of The Oneida Group.

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