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New Year, New Drinkware! Revamp Your Cabinets with Anchor Hocking

2024 is here. In case you haven’t made your New Year’s resolution, we’ve got the perfect one for you – revamping your drinkware! We’ve put together three of our most popular drinkware lines, each curated to suit distinct styles that resonates uniquely with you. Read on to find out which glassware best matches your taste.

Sleek and Modern: Finlandia

An ode to the award-winning design that defined the 1960s, Finlandia brings sleek silhouettes back to your cabinet. For those looking to embrace a mid-century, minimalist aesthetic that’s currently taking the world by storm, the clean, geometrical structure is an easy way to add stylish sophistication to your table.

  • Ideal for: trendy kitchens looking to have the most current in-vogue designs.

  • Look: mid-century design that’s seeing a huge resurgence.

  • Use: perfect for everyday and upscale meals.

Timeless and Versatile: Rio

Looking for a glassware that isn’t beholden to current trends? One that won’t be dated and out-of-style in a couple of years? Enter Rio, the epitome of enduring style. Rio has a square shape and gently sloping walls. Unlike more modern designs, it has a clear divide between base, body, and rim. The result is a glass that’s casually elegant and instantly familiar in any setting.

  • Ideal for: those who like to straddle design trends and value versatility.

  • Look: a classic square shape with softly rounded walls.

  • Use: perfect for mixed drinks at backyard cookouts or everyday family dinners.

Classic and Traditional: Manchester

One of the most recognizable glasses ever made. If you look closely, you’ll often spot Manchester in the backdrop of legendary films and television series. Why? Its traditional yet versatile charm. In fact, it’s tough to date Manchester with just a glance. It would be at home in the 80s, 40s, or even earlier! This classic quality lends an elegance and flexibility to the glass that blends in with both vintage tastes and current homes.

  • Ideal for: those valuing bold elegance and a rich historical legacy in their glassware.

  • Look: a classic Greco-Roman style with deep panels that form a bold grid pattern.

  • Use: effortlessly adapts to a ritzy scotch on-the-rocks or a simple glass of water for a reliable drinking experience on any occasion.


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