Let's Bake

There are all kinds of bakers: first-time bakers, weekend bakers, competitive, and professional bakers. At Anchor Hocking we understand not all bakers are alike. That’s why we offer 7 baking collections. Our TrueLocking Lid™, Oven Basics, and Essentials collections have lids or travel options perfect for storage or transport. Our Laurel and Heritage Basketweave™ collections with distinctive glass designs add flare for food presentation. And our Premium and Fire King® collections are for bakers who crave better baking results! 

Baking is fun for kids of all ages. It is a skill-building activity that offers sweet rewards. Children as young as 2 years old can help prep and stir alongside siblings and adults. The Home Baking Association has some helpful suggestions for age-appropriate lessons in the kitchen.

2 years old: 

• Wipe table tops

• Move pre-measured ingredients from one place to another

• Add ingredients to a bowl 

3 years old: All of the above plus…

• Handle dough, begin kneading, simple shaping 

• Pour cool liquids into mixture

• Mix dry ingredients with wire whisk or spoon in extra large bowl 

4 years old: All of the above plus…

• Form round shapes with dough

• Mash fruits (bananas) or cooked vegetables

• Set table

5 to 6 years old: All of the above plus… 

• Help measure dry ingredients (stir, spoon, level) 

• Use a handheld eggbeater or whisk 

• Sprinkle ingredients on salads, cakes, cookies, casseroles 

6 to 8 years old: All of the above plus… 

• Measure liquid ingredients

• Learn to crack eggs 

• Knead dough

For more tips on baking with your children visit Homebaking.org.


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