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Pick a container (seal vs. no seal)

An airtight seal is a solid choice for most everything in your pantry. A tightly sealed container like the Anchor Hocking Montana® Jar provides airtight, moisture-free protection. If you have limited containers and need to prioritize—Items like dry pasta, sold in unsealed cardboard boxes, can fare fine with standard containers. Here are some pantry staples that benefit from going straight from the store packaging into a container with an airtight seal:


White sugar, brown sugar, and all the sugars in between need an airtight container. For brown sugar an airtight seal helps keep the moisture in so it does not harden. And for white sugar an airtight seal will help keep humidity out; keeping it from clumping and turning hard. Choose a 64 oz. Montana® Jar for 2 lbs. of brown sugar and a 96 oz. Montana® Jar to hold 4 lbs. of white sugar.

Flours and Grains

Both flours and grains should be transferred into an airtight container. This will this keep them dry and will prevent them from picking up any nearby aromas. They will also lock out pests, like pesky grain moths. Choose a 48 oz. Montana Jar for 2 lbs. of rice and a 64 oz. Montana® Jar to hold 16 oz. of dried beans. For big bags use the 96 oz. Montana® Jar for 5 lbs. of rice.


After you open a bag of coffee beans, transfer them to a sealed container to preserve flavor. A 48 oz. Montana® Jar can hold 12 oz. of coffee, while a 64 oz. Montana® Jar can hold 1 lb. of coffee.


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