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The Perfect Pantry Organization

Pantries tend to become cluttered messes of random cans, bags, and boxes. The result is wasted time searching for products you can’t find and wasted money buying foods you already have. Luckily, a little bit of organizing using the right products can transform your pantry. Below are the 5 best ways to sort your items into categories, as well as the ideal container for each category, to create a functional and efficient pantry.

1. For countertop storing candy, chocolate, granola bars, fruit roll-ups and other snacks: Anchor Hocking’s Heritage Hill® Jars. Anchor Hocking 1 Gallon Heritage Hill Glass Jar with Lid (4 piece, all glass, dishwasher safe) : Everything Else

Ranging in size up to a huge 2-gallon model, this is the best jar for both large and small quantities and snacks at hand for easy use. The Heritage Hill® Jar is a classic pantry staple that is as much stylish as it is functional.

2. For quick-cook dry foods like pasta, beans, and oats: Anchor Hocking’s SecureLock® Gripper Jar. Anchor Hocking 3 Piece Gripper Jar Set with Stainless Steel SecureLock Lid, Perfect for Pantry Organization: Home & Kitchen

Whether you’re baking, boiling, or preparing a quick meal, these jars maximize your hold and minimize your mess. Indented glass stabilizes your grip for high-stress times in the kitchen, while a threaded stainless-steel lid is easy to screw on and off, offering easy retrieval and reliable protection.

3. For items like oats, cereal, and crackers: Anchor Hocking Cracker Jars. Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Cracker Jar with Lid, Brushed Aluminum, Set of 4: Food Savers: Home & Kitchen

Sporting a charming rustic design, Cracker Jars excel with snacks and dry goods. They’re especially ideal because their all-glass bodies and stainless-steel lids wash clean in the dishwasher.

4. For high-use items like tea, coffee, herbs, spices, nuts, and candy: Anchor Hocking’s SecureLock® Revolution Jar. Anchor Hocking 3 Piece SecureLock® Revolution Jar Set, Perfect for Pantry Organization, Silver: Home & Kitchen

The stackable design of these jars is unparalleled. They allow you to create a wall of easily identifiable goods in your pantry. Even better, the easy-grip silicone lid reduces slippage while protecting foods’ lifespans. With these jars, your pantry will run smoother and look cleaner than ever.

5. For large amounts of dry goods like granola, sugar, or flour: Anchor Hocking Montana® Jar. Anchor Hocking 1.5 Gallon Montana Glass Jar with Lid (2 piece, black metal, dishwasher safe): Cookie Jars: Home & Kitchen

Wide glass bottoms and easy-lift lids (with a silicone seal inside to preserve freshness) are perfect for families who frequently bake, cook, and create. There is a need to have supplies and ingredients at hand at all times. Options for stainless-steel or artisan wooden lids can match the aesthetic of any house while looking stylish enough to stay out in the open.

By following these simple category suggestions, you can transform your pantry into a well-organized, efficient space that makes cooking and meal planning a breeze.


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